Kristin Cavallari Haircut Style – Short Hair Cutting Lesson

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25 Responses to “Kristin Cavallari Haircut Style – Short Hair Cutting Lesson”

  1. Style Me Crafty says:

    no water or cream? good to see.. my hair usually just gets very dry and
    scrappy ends, so twisting on dry hair never really looks nice… I have
    many different lengths as well so its just a bit of a wild card… would
    you suggest chopping it all to one length (the shortest) and starting

  2. anrocks343 says:

    seriously, you are a genius

  3. Mahaginy Martin says:

    can you do a three strand twist out tutorial. 

  4. Milani Glenn says:

    What are u mixed with

  5. Jade Dismukes says:

    What is the name of this song? Please. I need this in my life! 

  6. amalyn23 says:

    You are too cute! I heart you and your hair knowledge! :)

  7. Courtney Sanders says:

    Could you do this wet?

  8. Rasha Richardson says:

    What did you do to get the length of your hair I’ve been doing the
    naturaling thing for almost 2 years now and no big results?

  9. Myrian Hale says:

    How can I get my hair soft like yours +Naptural85

  10. Samantha White says:

    does anyone know how to twist from the back properly? i always twist from
    the sides because it is easier.

  11. NaturallyGolden09 says:

    Will this work on medium length hair??

  12. Rachel Jones says:

    I love this tutorial. It took me some trial and error, but I finally got my
    best twist out ever! My profile pic is my results!

  13. Adrienne McCue says:

    Again, this is not even her long hair now! I so want it! My hair keeps
    knotting up. 

  14. Alicias Way says:

    Whitney I neeeedd that shea butter mixture but it’s not coming out right
    when I try it. Do you sell it????

  15. garrett soucy says:

    help me with step one!!!! My daughter is brown and I am trying to do her
    hair well. 

  16. Vanessa Wiliiams says:

    Your hair is gorgeous!!!

  17. Samantha White says:

    does anyone know how to twist from the back properly? i always twist from
    the sides because it is easier.

  18. omgsockss says:

    I’d definitely not recommend doing the stretched twist thing to twists done
    on wet hair. they look a mess in the morning.

  19. Cathy H says:

    Another great twist out video..

  20. Shawn Wright says:

    I hope my 15 yr old daughter seen this video. She loves your videos and
    your videos have helped her tremendously! 

  21. A Miranda says:

    I love this video! Thanks for posting! I have been trying to figure out how
    to make my curls look nice and now I know!

  22. Tina B says:

    So sorry I miss you in DC!

  23. sunshine daze says:

    love your hair!!!

  24. Mia Minguela says:

    how do you stretch your hair?

  25. NahshonYsrael says:

    My hair dries dull and ugly when I sleep on it. I have beautiful wash and
    goes and regular afros but twist outs are depressing