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HHL Detangling Hair Brush Hair Styling Comb, Pink and Yellow Plastic Massage Straightening-No More Tangled

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

HHL Detangling Hair Brush Hair Styling Comb, Pink and Yellow Plastic Massage Straightening-No More Tangled

HHL Detangling Hair Brush Hair Styling Comb, Pink and Yellow Plastic Massage Straightening-No More Tangled

  • ORIGINAL GLIDE THRU BRUSH: Firm and soft, high-quality bristles is not easy to lose shape even for stubborn hair.
  • EXCELLENT FOR CHILDREN’S HAIR: Easily & painlessly detangle thick or curly, without tearing and breaking.
  • NO MORE HAIR LOSS OR SCALP DAMAGE: Specially-designed detangler glides through, untangling stubborn 428 different contact points to ease your scalp.
  • BRUSH THE HAIR & TOUCH THE SCALP:Varying long and short bristles can reach the head to reduce shedding.
  • SPECIALLT-DESIGNED,THE HIGHEST STANDARDS:The ergonomic handle is lightweight & comfortable to hold in the even that your hands are wet or small,the whole family can use it easily. 3.15″×1.81″×2.95″

HHL provides high-quality detangler hair brush which is specially-designed to untangle stubborn knotted strands effortlessly.

The cone-shaped bristles are set at varying lengths in the handle, as you brush, the tangled strands of hair are gently separated sideways.

Detangles your hair without painful pulling or tearing.

The soft bristles also gently massage your scalp so it feels invigorated and revitalized. varying heights which disperse the pressure placed on the

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 7.99

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Gem Fashion Mini Lady Gaga Women Yellow Hair Extension Tie Bow Bowknot Hairpiece Comb Clip Headwear Hairpin Styling Synthetic Ponytail Holder Cosplay Party Versatile

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Hair care:

the attached hair extension can be kept in good condition for about 3 months if treated in proper way, the following items need to be paid attention to:

● the comb must be the kind with round tips/ends and loose comb teeth, don’t comb in a hard way to prevent the hair loss;

● the hair shampoo and hair conditioner must be acidic ( testing way: when the hair shampoo dilutes in the water, put drops of purplish cabbage preparation, if the water turns red, it’s acidic; if turns blue, it’s the alkaline shampoo);

● don’t expose the hair extension under the sun for long time;

● don’t keep too close to the hair extension roots when blow-drying it;

● don’t scratch or rub the hair extension roots in a hard way;

● take the hair extension spray with you: don’t comb the hair extension in a hard way especially when it’s blown out of place in the wind, if you take the spray with you, it will be much easier to handle your hair, you can even comb them with your fingers;

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Amazon Price: $ 6.34

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2 Pcs Plastic DIY Hair Styling Roller Curler Yellow Pink for Woman

Monday, May 12th, 2014

  • Made of the plastic material, will be easy to create a fluffy, layering, beautiful curls. When hairs is about 80% dry after washing, curl it with the roller curler and go to sleep, you will wake up with natural curls the next day.

Amazon Price: $ 3.23

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